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'The devils work'

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StoLotusan Color
Not the Devils work - but a unique masonary paint from Sto, Sto Ltd. manufactures and distributes innovative products and systems for the building industry in the UK and Ireland.

Stolotusan colour paint (available in 500 colours) is a self cleaning paint which dispels water from the painted surface - similar to the effect of water landing on a lotus leaf. The paint sheds water from the surface as it rains and thus removes dirt and grime from the exterior walls.

As water cannot remain in contact with the painted surface the Stolotusan colour painted wall dries quickly ensuring micro-organisms like algae and other bacterias cannot survive thus negates the main cause of discolouring (normal paint allow water to sit on the surface. Dirt combines with the water to create the perfect conditionsfor algae, fungus and bacteriato grow).

Stolutusan colour is a smooth coating most wallcovering firms will use a heavy tectured coatings requiring considerable hardwork to clean and maintain - jet washers, scrubbing brushes, ladders, hoses etc indeed 'a devil to clean' might be an apt phase to describe the process!

Stolutusan will protect and keep your property looking clean

handyMan applies the 2 process system either using a spray or brush system, any loose or unsound surface is made good first. The paint is available in 500 colours.

Stolutusan paint is more expensive to buy but more cost effective as
maintenance cycles are around 2-3 times longer than a typical facade paint, Walls stay cleaner and dryer for longer and reduced maintenance means reduced costs.

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Further information can be found on the Sto web site

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